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Church Security Accelerator

Church Safety - Level 1 (60 Mins)

This course offers comprehensive training on situational awareness, protecting children from sexual offenders, active shooter response strategies, and conflict de-escalation techniques, equipping participants with the skills to prevent violence and ensure safety effectively.

Active Shooter Intervention and Disruption (90 Mins)

This 90-minute course on active shooter intervention teaches through thirteen detailed videos, covering the rise in violence, prevention strategies, and survival tactics, including escape, barricading, improvised defense, and emergency medical techniques.

Conflict De-Escalation Course (90 Mins)

Master crisis de-escalation in 90 minutes with this course, featuring eight videos inspired by the Amazon bestseller '10 Powerful Strategies for Conflict De-Escalation'. Tailored for church members, it blends Christian values with effective, practical skills for peaceful conflict resolution, taught by a top expert in church safety.

Threat Detection - Level 1 (3.5 Hrs.)

In this comprehensive 3.5-hour course, spanning five modules, you'll acquire critical skills in situational awareness, risk identification, threat detection, surveillance recognition, and threat disruption tailored for church communities. You'll learn to discern and define suspicious behavior swiftly, enhancing your ability to preemptively address potential threats. The course emphasizes practical techniques for conducting conversational interviews to assess intentions, blending security practices with faith-based responses to ensure a safe environment.