Brand Ambassadors Earn 50% Commission for Sales of our Products  

What is a Brand Ambassador

A brand Ambassador is a servant leader who believes in security ministry and has an extensive church network. They use this network to educate and inform church communities about our safety and security risk management training programs.

The brand ambassador will be rewarded 50% commission of each purchase made within their network. 


Why Become a Brand Ambassador? 

Hi there, I’m Simon Osamoh the founder of Worship Security Academy and I’ve been supporting churches with risk management for over a decade. Jesus knew the important role that community had in sharing his powerful message with the world, it’s why He chose his disciples.

The message we have is becoming important also. With crime rising in churches across America, we believe in teaching communities how to stay safe from harm. 

We are looking for people to promote our courses. Ambassadors who love to serve, believe security is ministry and have a network to help us reach more people. If that sounds like you, join our ambassador program and earn 50% commission on course sales. 


What is the Best Way to Earn Commission?    

When you become a brand ambassador your unique URL's are automatically tracked by the "cookies" within our system so every time someone clicks on "buy", you get credit for the sale and get 50% commission. Here are a few ways you can share to start earning commission.

Share your URL's on your social media at least twice a month

Send the URL's to your mailing list and tell them about the products

Tell people within your own church community 

Ask religious leaders and administrators to share with their networks 

Recruit friends, family and safety team members to help promote your links


Share These Proactive Courses and Coaching Program with your Network 

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