How to Secure your Church in 7 Steps Without Overwhelm or Stress

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Worship Security Academy 


The Worship Security Academy is designed to create safer church environments by educating staff and volunteers on how to stay safe. We have spent hours researching and developing courses that give church staff and volunteers the training needed to be successful, whether you are in student ministry, front desk, church outreach programs or leadership, we have everything you need to make church security simple. Our courses are the perfect way to receive training from the comfort of your home or place of work.

These church security training programs are the brainchild of Simon Osamoh, a Christian and nationally known security expert to some of the smallest and largest churches in the country. If you’re looking to grow your security knowledge to protect HIS churches from a position of faith, community and forgiveness, these programs are for you. You will have everything needed to plan, prepare and protect your ministry.

Making Church Safety Training Easy  

Security leaders and volunteers use these courses to help them protect their houses of worship.

Video Coach

Monthly membership to our video club, where you get unlimited access to presentations, teachings, webinars and insights from safety and security experts to educate and inform you on a variety of safety and security topics.

Church Safety 101 

This course is perfect for you if you are a church staff member or volunteer wanting to improve skills on how to effectively detect and deter threats within your church.


Threat Detection 101

This is our comprehensive flagship course designed for safety teams and church leaders digging deeper into how to detect and deter threats using conversational interviewing.


Group Coaching 

Group coaching community for pastors, administrators and safety leaders. We take you through our signature seven step program led by WSA founder Simon Osamoh as your mentor.


Jim Theis

“Simon's coaching is a proven methodology to remove that feeling of overwhelm and make security simple. As a security director at a large church that is exactly what he did to help me”

Rory Groves 

"Since working with Worship Security Academy I have gained knowledge that has not only grown me but also my church program. Their programs build confidence and reduce overwhelm"

Terri Ashmore 

"Simon's mentorship has been invaluable not only to my growth as a security leader but has improved the safety at our church. The relationship gives me peace of mind."  


The Podcast - Church Security Made Simple 

Church security should always be intentional, and this only happens by design. Join Simon Osamoh, national church safety and security expert, as he leads conversations with experts and helps church leaders mitigate and manage risk using a biblical and community focused model. His Regular guests include Dr. James Densley Criminologist and Co-Founder of The Violence Project, Denise Koster Threat Prevention Expert and Author, Virginia (Ginny) Cronin Non-Profit Attorney at Law, Pastor Tim Kingsley of the Episcopal Church Minnesota, Jim Theis Security Director Westwood Community Church and Wes Pederson Security Director Eagle Brook Church.  

Topics include: risk management, policies and procedures, law and insurance, deadly force, workplace violence and prevention, threat assessment, crisis management, training, safety teams and more!