60 Minute 1:1 Strategy Session

We will help you get unstuck or started on a specific church safety and security challenge that you are facing at your church.


Simon Osamoh is a leading expert in church safety and security with a background as the head of counter-terrorism at the Mall of America, Minnesota, and a former UK Detective specializing in organized crime and terrorism, including collaboration with British security services on the 2006 liquid bomb terorrism plot. With over a decade of experience as a security advisor for Westwood Community Church in Minnesota,

Simon is a best-selling author of "Securing Church Operations" and serves as the security editor for Worship Facilities Security Connections. Trusted by numerous mega churches, including Eaglebrook Church and Woodside Bible. 



We will help you get unstuck or started on a specific church safety and security challenge that you are facing at your church. This could be leaders, program design, technology integration, applying for grants or anything else that you need guidance or support on.


60 minutes 1:1 with Simon Osamoh


Address a specific church safety and security problem


Provide you with the solutions needed to move forward


Create your next steps


       When you buy the 60-minute strategy session, you'll be guided to Simon's online calendar. Simply select a time that suits you, and Simon will meet with you at the scheduled time.



Zach Wright

Woodside Bible Church - Michigan

"I've worked with Simon for over five years, and for a church with more than 14 campuses, his insights and teachings have been invaluable."


Don Rheinhart 

Christ Family Church - Iowa 

"I've been leveraging Simon's teachings and trainings for over five years. He truly understands that security in a church is a form of ministry."   

Bill Bakken

St Andrews Lutheran Church - Minnesota

"Our church has collaborated with Simon for more than a decade. He is my go-to resource for overcoming challenges in our security program."

Hi, I'm Simon Osamoh, A Church Safety Expert

I'm the founder of Kingswood Security the home of the Worship Security Academy and Decision Decks. I'm a Christian, British American with over a decade of experience supporting churches on how to stay safe and secure.  

I'm former Head of Counterterrorism at Mall of America, Minnesota and spent 14 years as a Detective in England working serious and organized crime.

The Lord called me into security ministry around a decade ago. I was on my way back presenting at a sports conference to the heads of the NHL, NFL, NBA in Disney World, when a police department asked me to speak at a church on security.

I learned two things that day, first the Lord called me to help His churches and second there was a real need for biblically based risk management.

Since that day I’ve helped thousands of churches across America and written two books on the subject Securing Church Operations and Church Safety Responding to Suspicious Behavior.