Achieve higher levels of growth, knowledge, and safety at your church 

Group Coaching is a three month experience dedicated to serving church safety leaders at the highest level.  The goal to help you implement safety protocols faster than you could do on your own.  


Hi, I’m Simon, a national church security expert. 

The Group Coaching is the most powerful and transformative experience that I can offer you. I make a significant commitment of my time, energy, and network to pour into the success of a small and select number of people each year. With space highly sought after and limited, I accept participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

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At some point knowledge is not enough....  

Are you feeling stuck in how to start your security ministry program or feeling overwhelmed with how much you have to do? Do you simply feel alone in all of it?

I can relate, it took me a while to figure this out to! By God’s grace and support from my network of international security experts I wrote the book “Securing Church Operations” and haven’t looked back. 

I discovered that most churches struggle and sometimes fail with security ministry as they are not following a program. There trying to patch things together without processes and sustainable plans, perhaps you can relate? 

At some point knowledge isn’t enough and you need the undeniable power of a mastermind principle, of other people pouring into your specific security challenges and needs of your church. 

The "secret" is group coaching, here's what you get!

Access to me as a mentor

You’ll gain exclusive access to me during the coaching calls, and I’ll do all I can to help get your program started or give a kickstart if you are stuck. 

Weekly 60-minute Video Call

We meet every week for 12 weeks as a small group of like minded highly and  motivated safety leaders. Walking through the securing church operations program together.

Private group chat 

Being in a community is important to your growth and success. If you have questions outside the coaching pop into our private telegram channel where the community will help. 

Group “Hot Seat” Calls 

You’ll be able to raise safety and security challenges unique to you and your church, with the whole group then pouring their wisdom and knowledge into you allowing you to reach a decision point. 

What will you get out of this 12-week experience?   

  • Create a strong security culture so you have a solid foundation which means it will be easier to sustain your program   
  • Implement a safety committee so you can have support which means you’ll never be doing this alone 
  • Learn how to protect your permitter so you can deter those with harmful intent which means you’ll have a safer church 
  • Conduct a security risk assessment so you can have a plan which means you’ll progress quicker 
  • Implement emergency action plans so you can have a plan which means you’ll be prepared when disaster strikes 
  • Conduct security training so you can rest easy knowing that your teams are prepared to take action
  • Implement a safety team so you have a proactive response which means you’ll be able to respond in emergencies
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See what church leaders just like you have to say...


Your Group Coaching Curriculum

Each week we will meet as a group for 60 minutes, here's an overview of some of what you will learn:

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Is Group Coaching with Simon right for you? 

This group is limited to 16 people, in order to maximize its impact I look for people who have the ability to make decisions on church safety. I want people who are committed and decisive, coachable and resourceful. And ready to take action to protect their church!

To qualify for enrollment, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You have authority to take action and make changes with what you learn.
  • You're not looking for a quick answer, you understand that security is a no end state BUT you’re willing to put in the work to create a framework that will keep people safe and you’ll feel pride in that.
  • You can make the 60-minute live calls each week your top priority
  • Thursday 4 September 2023: 9.00am to 10.00am (Central)

  • I want to make the most impact with your church safety program so I’m looking for those people committed to attending each session live.  
  • You are ready and willing to invest in yourself with the cost of this program ($2,000).

If this is you and you want to start improving the security at your church and do so in a way that will reduce you overwhelm and stress and have maximum impact sign up today and I’ll see you on the inside.

Enrollment for the next session closes on August 21st and has limited spots so if you're wanting to apply, don't delay click the button below to enroll. 

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So here's what you're getting with the coaching program: 

  • Weekly access to Simon as your mentor for 12 weeks group coaching
  • All 12 core lessons with over 12 hours of in-depth step by step training ($2,000 value)
  • BONUS Lesson slides, pdf worksheets, study guides designed to support you when the program comes 
  • BONUS 60 minute 1:1 strategy session with Simon designed to take your program to the to next level  

                      Total value for all this coaching = $2,000  



  • 12 week coaching program with Simon
  • Bonus Lesson Slides, PDF Worksheets, Study Guides
  • Bonus, 1:1 Strategy Session with Simon. He'll evaluate your program and give feedback on a 60 minute Zoom call 




  • 12 week coaching program with Simon
  • Bonus Lesson Slides, PDF Worksheets, Study Guides
  • Bonus, 1:1 Strategy Session with Simon. He'll evaluate your program and give feedback on a 60 minute Zoom call 

Jim Theis, Security Director Westwood Community Church 

I’ve been working with Simon for the last six years. He is a strong man of God committed to doing all he can to keep churches safe. I’ve found the 7-step coaching program invaluable to my personal development in this ever-changing world of church security. By following his step-by-step process it's allowed me to focus on what truly matters to build a sustainable safety program. You will come away from this training empowered to take action and get started!

Frequently asked questions.

Simon Osamoh, Church Safety Expert 

The founder of Worship Security Academy and Kingswood Security Consulting. Former head counterterrorism at Mall of America overseeing the internationally recognized behavior detection unit.

A highly commended British detective having worked with the British Security Services into the Liquid bomb terrorism plot that changed aviation security worldwide limiting liquids on plans.

A Christian and national faith security specialist, featured in the Wall Street Journal, the award-winning book How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic. Author of Securing Church Operations and Responding to Suspicious Behavior. Advisor to some of the largest churches in the country that include Eagle Brook Church.

When people hear his journey they say why church security? Well, a police department asked if I could serve a church safety team with his knowledge on suspicious behavior. Since that day, and over a decade later he's helped thousands of churches across the country learn a system to detect and deter threats. 

I'm Ready Lets Go!