A video-based training program designed to help you survive an active shooter 


The active shooter intervention and disruption course is a video-based training program designed to help you survive an act of deadly force. You will learn the pathway to violence that assailants go through, what you can do to prevent active violence and how survive the first six minutes which are critical to you living.


Meet your trainer - Simon Osamoh,  Security Expert 

I’m a British American and founder of the Worship Security Academy. I spent 14 years as a Detective in England working serious and organized crime. When I moved to the United States I was Head of Counter Terrorism at Mall of America, Minnesota. In 2006 I worked with the British Security Services into the Liquid bomb terrorism plot that changed aviation security worldwide.  

My work on active shooter prevention has featured in the award-winning Book How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic by Dr. James Densley and Dr. Jillian Peterson of The Violence Project. I’ve authored three books on conflict de-escalation, behavioral threat assessment and church security. 

I’m a Christian with over two decades of experience teaching people and organizations on how to stay safe and secure.

Understand Violence

Learn why mass shootings occur so that you can prevent them before they escalate to the point of action.

Detect Behavior 

Learn how to detect human behaviors so that you can assess threats and respond sooner.

Proactive Response

Learn how to respond based on the adverse situation that you find yourself in, which means you can be safer.



This course teaches you how to be situationally aware of the danger of active violence, so you know the warnings signs and how to survive an active shooter situation.


Identify incident stressors and triggers that cause deadly force incidents 

Learn the warning signs associated with the pathway to violence 

Teach you how to escape during an active shooter event 

How to barricade and lockdown in place 

The best way to fight back using improvised weapons at your disposal 

Educate you on how to slow the bleed for those injured during gunfire


Watch these course videos to learn how to stay safe

Are you ready and equipped to survive an active shooter?


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What Leaders and Students are Saying About the Course  

“This training is invaluable and should be taught to all faith communities" 

Rob Allen 

Director of Community Safety, Jewish Community Relations Council 

“This class taught me how to be better prepared for acts of violence"  

Lisa Wiens Heinsohn 

St John's Episcopal Church

“We live in troubled times and so taking this active shooter course educates you on how to be ready" 

Reverend Tim Kingsley 



Is the active shooter intervention and disruption class for you? 

  This is for you if a member of a church feeling called to know more on how to respond to deadly force. 

✔  This is for you if you are seeking a biblically based active shooter training.

✔  This is for you if you're looking for a program that will teach you both prevention and response. 

✔  This is for you if you want to be trained by one of the countries top authorities on security at houses of worship.





  • Learn the pathway to violence 
  • How to escape during an event 
  • How to barricade and lockdown 
  • How to fight with improvised weapons 
  • How to slow the bleed for those injured