Here's why I serve the church... 


Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Simon Osamoh a church security expert, founder of the Worship Security Academy and Kingswood Security Consulting on a mission to keep HIS churches safe. 

After years of working as a security and risk leader for several of the country’s top financial institutions that included Wells Fargo and US Bank, God called me to use the skills and gifts he had given me to protect his churches. 

I’ve written two books on church safety and have featured in the Wall Street Journal and tv stations like Fox News.

I use my experience as former head of counterterrorism at Mall of America, Minnesota. A former 14-year UK police detective to create training programs that support church staff and volunteers stay alert to the dangers of this world but do so through the lens of ministry and community.

I've served on my own church safety team since 2014 and If you are searching for biblically based security training curriculum for your church staff and volunteers, then your at the right place.

The first thing you should do is grab my free download from my book Securing Church Operations and get started! I look forward to helping you keep you and your congregation safe and secure.  

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Meet the Team of Advisors


A group of passionate Christians with over 80 years of combined safety and security experience, with half of those supporting houses of worship creating, building, and growing safety programs. The advisors make sure we deliver the content that you need.

Jim Theis 

Security Director

Westwood Community Church 

Tim Kingsley

Rev. Tim Kingsley 

St Marks Episcopal Cathedral 

Steve Swiech

Content Advisor 

Former Security Director Grace Church