A video-based training program designed to help de-escalate a person in crisis


Learn from Simon Osamoh’s Amazon bestselling book 10 Powerful Strategies for Conflict De-Escalation to navigate crises, build rapport, and apply effective conflict resolution strategies to resolve conflict.


Meet your master trainer - Simon Osamoh,  safety expert 

I’m a British American and founder of the Worship Security Academy. I spent 14 years as a Detective in England working serious and organized crime. In 2006 I worked with the British Security Services into the Liquid bomb terrorism plot that changed aviation security worldwide.  When I moved to the United States I was Head of Counter Terrorism at Mall of America, Minnesota. 

My expertise in conflict de-escalation extends beyond churches to teaching Homeland Security, conservation officers, local police, and nonprofits. My Amazon bestseller, '10 Powerful Strategies for Conflict De-Escalation,' has reached over 5,000 readers globally. I've contributed to the award-winning book 'How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic' by Drs. James Densley and Jillian Peterson, showcasing my work in conversation interviewing as a pivotal conflict resolution tool. 

Stages of Anger 

Understand anger stages to recognize warning signs and defuse conflicts effectively.

Foster Conversations  

Discover how to build rapport, ask insightful questions, and master active listening.

Finding Reason

Learn how to find reason and navigate addiction, mental health, and agitation by persons in crisis.



Our Conflict De-escalation Course equips you with the skills to effectively manage crises, ensuring safety and understanding in high-tension situations.


Learn strategies to engage with individuals in crisis calmly and effectively. 

Master techniques to discover rationality amidst chaos, guiding those involved towards calmness.

Gain insights into varied individual reactions to crises, enhancing your adaptability.

Discover methods to interrupt and dissolve the escalation of anger.

Learn how to initiate and sustain conversations that build trust and rapport.

Understand the importance of timing and phrasing in questioning to gather information and calm the situation.

Learn how to present options that can defuse anger and lead to peaceful resolutions.

A structured approach to safely and effectively de-escalate individuals in crisis.


This course empowers you with the knowledge and skills to create safer environments, manage crises with confidence, and foster positive outcomes in challenging situations.


Watch these course videos to learn how to defuse conflict

Are you ready and equipped to de-escalate a person in crisis?


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What people say about the course 

“Conflict resolution has become a big part of faith communities dna and this course does a great job in making you ready" 

Rob Allen 

Director of Community Safety, Jewish Community Relations Council 

“This conflict de-escalation course is great for your ushers, greaters, safety team and church staff"

Zach Wright 

Woodside Bible Church, Troy - Michigan

“We live in troubled times and so taking this conflict de-escalation course is a must for your church staff and volunteers" 

Reverend Tim Kingsley

St Marks Episcopal Church

“We live in a time when conflict resolution is much needed, this course gave me the empowerment to go on and then train others" 

Don Rheinhart 

Christ Family Church - Iowa

“Having conflict de-escalation tools should be a skill that is inside everyones tool kit" 

Rory Groves 

Life 21 Church - Northfield



Is the conflict de-escalation course for you?


  Ideal for church members seeking effective conflict resolution skills grounded in compassion and understanding.

✔  Perfect if you're in search of a course that combines Christian principles with practical de-escalation techniques.

✔ Designed for those who want to master both the theory and application of crisis management and de-escalation.

✔ Train with a leading expert in enhancing safety and security within religious communities through peaceful intervention.





  • Ideal for church members seeking effective conflict resolution skills.
  • Perfect if you're in search of a course that combines Christian principles with practical techniques.
  • Designed for those who want to master theory and application of crisis resolution. 
  • Train with a leading national expert in religious communities.