Imagine you had the ability to spot a potential threat at your church before it escalated to harm. 

Threat Detection 101 will teach you how to identify threats, recognize adverse human behavior and how to determine if a person is seeking grace or has come with harmful intent.  


Meet your Trainer, Simon Osamoh - Threat Detection Expert 

Founder of Worship Security Academy and former head of counterterrorism at Mall of America, overseeing the internationally recognized behavior detection unit. 

In the British police, I was a highly commended investigator conducting well over a 1,000 interviews and in 2006 I worked with the British Security Services into the Liquid bomb terrorism plot that changed aviation security worldwide limiting the amount of liquids you can take on a plane. 

I’m national specialist in faith security, featured in the Wall Street Journal, the award-winning book How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic. Author of Securing Church Operations and Responding to Suspicious Behavior, security advisor to some of the largest churches in the country that include Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota.

People hear my background and say why church security? Well, a police department asked if I could educate a church safety team on suspicious behavior. Since that day, and over a decade later, I’ve helped thousands of churches learn a system to detect and deter threats through human behavior. I’m on a mission to keep HIS churches safe! 

Identifying threats at a church can be hard!

How do you know if the person is here seeking God's grace or has come with harmful intentions? 

But here's how it's easy with our threat detection - Level 1 course! 


In this 3.5 hour five module course, you will learn how to: 

  • Understand situational awareness so you can apply it to your church community, which means you’ll be safer!
  • Define suspicious behavior so you can identify it quickly, which means you can respond sooner 
  • Identify the behaviors of surveillance so you can detect threats, which means you can prevent a threat becoming harm  
  • Conduct conversational interviews so you can determine if the person is seeking grace or has harmful intent, which means you can respond through faith 

Module 1: Safety & Security In Worship

  • The reasoning behind why crime occurs so you can articulate to leaders why the church is vulnerable to crime, which means you will receive more support making your job easier
  • How to define your church security culture so you can benchmark how strong your awareness is to crime which means you will have clarity on your areas to work on
  • The intersection of theology and security so you can use scripture to explain your security program and processes, which means your program will gain more credibility coming from faith 

Module 2: Risk Identification  

  • Principles of risk so you can speak with authority to leaders which means you gain credibility in your role 
  • How to define and name the risks to your church, which means you will have a greater understanding of the road ahead to manage risk
  • Why risk reporting is important so that you can build a strong program, which means you’ll have sustainable and repeatable processes 

Module 3: Behavior Detection  

  • The principles of behavior detection so you can spot threats before they escalate to harm, which means your church will be safer 
  • Learn the principles of behavior detection so you can explain to people within your church why behavior detection is important, which means you’ll build trust and credibility 
  • Examine different behaviors so you can learn how to identify harm, which means you’ll be able to spot pre indicators in any given circumstance

Module 4: Surveillance Detection 

  • The worship attack cycle teaches what to look for in assailants before they commit a criminal act so you can respond quickly and effectively, which means you enhance your ability to protect HIS people.
  • How to identify the parts of a assailant’s cover story so you can identify deceit, which means you can detect a person with harmful intentions
  • Different styles of surveillance so you can name the style of surveillance, which means you’ll be more proficient in spotting a bad actor 

Module 5: Threat Disruption 

  • All the guiding principles of interviewing so you become proficient, which means you will know exactly what to say and when to say it! 
  • How to use active listening so that you can understand a person’s answer, which means you will be able to spot deceit earlier
  • How bias affects your decisions so you become aware of unconscious bias, which means you can learn to control these thoughts to make decisions based on facts



Is the Threat Detection - Level 1 course for me? 

✔  This is for you if a member or leader of a safety team or you feel  called to move in this direction.

✔  This is for you if you are seeking biblically based threat detection training

✔  This is for you if you're searching for a behavior detection program that will teach you a system to know if a person is seeking God's grace or coming to church with harmful intent. 

✔  This is for you if you want to be trained by one of the countries top authorities on threat assessment at houses of worship.


Hear What These Leaders Have To Say

“What I took away form the training was not only the quality and experience that Simon puts forward in the course but how well he joined together faith and security. The saying “is the person here seeking faith or have they come with harmful intent' really resonated with me.

Jeff Toeppe

Safety Team Leader, Wisconsin 

“Taking this course gave me a confidence boost so I can walk into these situations with the knowledge on how to respond effectively” 

Steve Swiech

Safety Team Leader, North Dakota

“Going through the training provided a system that will help me identify if a person has come to church seeking God's grace or has come with harmful intentions"     

Reverend Tim Kingsley

Episcopal Church, Minnesota 

Seen by many as the American standard


Are you ready to take action to detect and deter threats!




  • Proficiency in Conducting Conversational Interviews 
  • 3.5 Hours of Teaching Material
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to Industry Expert
  • Lifetime Access to All Materials 

Here's those lessons one last time! 

About Simon Osamoh 

Former head of counterterrorism at Mall of America. Overseeing the internationally recognized behavior detection unit. 

Simon Osamoh is a threat risk assessment and behavior detection expert. He spent 14-years as a British police detective, a highly commended investigator. In 2006 he worked with the British Security Services into the Liquid bomb terrorism plot that changed aviation security worldwide limiting the amount of liquids you can take on planes.  

His works been featured in the Wall Street Journal, he’s the author of Responding to Suspicious behavior. Simon advises some of the largest churches in the country on how to stay safe. He felt called into security ministry over a decade ago and he's helped thousand of churches learn how to detect and deter human threats.