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Global Church Crime News 08/07/2023

global church crime Aug 06, 2023

(August 04) Russia Hits Another Ukrainian Church | UKRAINE

Russian shelling on Thursday damaged a landmark church in the city of Kherson that once held the remains of the renowned 18th-century commander who exerted Russian control through the southeastern parts of modern Ukraine and annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

Ukraine's emergency service said four of its workers were wounded in a second round of shelling as they fought the fire that struck St. Catherine's Cathedral. Four other people were wounded in the first shelling attack, which also hit a trolleybus, the general prosecutor's office said.

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(August 03) Notorious Robbers Steal These Items From Church, After Roasting Maize Using Church Flag Post | KENYA

Residents in Luanda, Vihiga County have break the silence and expressed their concerns over a surge in insecurity following a series of thefts targeting local churches. The incident involved an unknown gang that broke into two churches, Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church (PAG), and made off with various items of unknown value.

The thieves specifically targeted electric cables and curtains from the churches, indicating a possible motive related to the resale value of these items.

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(August 02) Indian Pastor, Wife And Toddler Jailed Over ‘Conversion’ Charge | INDIA

A Protestant pastor, his wife and their three-year-old son have been jailed in a northern Indian state for holding a Sunday prayer service at their home.

Pastor Harendra Singh and wife Priya Singh were arrested by the police and remanded to judicial custody on July 31. The couple had to take their son along with them to jail.

Children up to six years are often forced to live with their incarcerated parents, especially mothers who are the primary caregivers, in Indian prisons.

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(August 02) Attackers Of Osun Church During Vigil Arrested | NIGERIA

Three suspects were on Tuesday paraded at the Osun State Police Command’s headquarters over an alleged attack on a Celestial Church located in Odu Village near Osogbo.

The suspects allegedly attacked the church during a vigil in the early hours of Tuesday.

During the attack, the perpetrators abducted 12 members of the church, but the victims fled from their captors when they ran into some hunters and other local volunteers that responded to the distress call.

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(August 01) Body Of Saint, Patron Of African Americans, Significantly Damaged In Sicilian Church Fire | ITALY

The incorrupt body of St. Benedict the Moor, a 16th-century son of slaves who joined the Franciscans and would become the patron saint of African missions, has been all but destroyed after a wildfire engulfed the Sicilian church where he had been interred.

A post shared by the parish of Santa Maria di Gesù showed that the body of the saint, whose dark skin and devotion to the enslaved has made him especially beloved among descendants of slaves, has been mostly incinerated, with only a few bone fragments remaining. The body of Blessed Matthew Agrigento, another Sicilian Franciscan whose body had been kept in the church, was also seriously damaged.

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Decision Decks elevate your critical thinking and decision-making. Experience realistic safety and security scenarios tailored to rapidly empower and upskill you and your team.

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