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Global Church Crime News 07/02/2023

global church crime Jul 01, 2023

(June 29) Sex Abuse allegations: 35 Bolivian Catholic Church Members Under Probe | BOLIVIA

After dozens of victims accused more than 30 members of the Catholic Church, a probe has been launched by the Bolivian prosecutors amid coun-trywide anger.

The case has sparked outrage in Bolivia, with many calling for justice for the victims and greater accountability from the Catholic Church.

The development comes as the country is reeling from confessions of abuse that were found in the personal diary of a Spanish priest who died in Bo-livia in 2009 after decades of service there.

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(June 27) $50,000 Stolen From Church | SOLOMON ISLANDS

An estimated $50,000 worth of offerings and tithes were stolen from Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Gizo, Western Province, overnight.

Not only that but church representatives said a signed cheque book was also inside the wooden cash box which was stolen from the church building.

According to a church representative, the robbery could have involved more than one person who broke inside the room where the church money was kept through the church’s back door.

She said a church program was held on Monday evening so the incident could have happened after the program.

“The wooden cash box consisted of money worth $50,000 in offerings and tithes, coins and a signed cheque book.

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(June 25) S3x In The Church-And Murder Of Pregnant Choir Mistress: Pastors Rip Apart General Overseer From Hell | NIGERIA

Pastors descend on Church Overseer who is to die by hanging in Rivers State for the murder of his pregnant mistress, her friend and nine-year-old daughter.

In a recent case, in Rivers State, the General Overseer of Altar of Solution and Healing Assembly, Pastor Chidiebere Okoroafor, blamed the devil after being sentenced to death by a Port Harcourt High Court for the murder of his choir mistress, her friend and 11-month-old toddler.

And the response from the clergy was “you were never a man of God.”

Manifestation of the beast in Afam, Oyigbo Local Government Area based Okoroafor came into light when operatives of the Homicide Department of Rivers Police Command apprehended him on December 17, 2017 following the alarm raised by one Joseph Ezenwa.

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(June 24) Australian Anglican Schools Left Exposed As Insurers Refuse To indemnify Church Against Child Abuse Claims | AUSTRALIA

Private insurers are refusing to cover Anglican schools in southern Queensland for child abuse claims, leaving individual schools and dioceses financially exposed for the past two years.

The increasing rate of refusal comes after reforms made it easier for survivors to bring child abuse claims.

Guardian Australia revealed earlier this year that multiple state governments had been forced to step in and indemnify church-run out-of-home care and homelessness services for child abuse claims, fearing they would close shop without taxpayer-funded protection.

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(June 23) Hundreds Of Christians Killed In Nigeria, Churches Destroyed | NIGERIA

At least 450 Christians have died in a series of attacks on Christian villages in three north central Nigerian states since May, according to reports from governmental and nongovernmental religious freedom advocates.

Christian death tolls include at least 300 in several attacks in Plateau state spanning May 15-17, according to reports from Morning Star News and Christian Solidarity Worldwide; more than 100 in attacks spanning May and June in Benue state, Morning Star and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom reported; and 43 in Nasarawa state in mid-May

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Decision Decks elevate your critical thinking and decision-making. Experience realistic safety and security scenarios tailored to rapidly empower and upskill you and your team.

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